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A long-established industrial company specializing in cardboard and paper industries. We provide multiple solutions for packaging supplies

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Quality Certificates

 ISO 22000 and ISO 9001

Various Solutions

 Multiple solutions help in 
packaging various products

Corrugated Cardboard

Solutions that are both sustainable and environmentally beneficial by using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. An excellent solution for businesses and people seeking innovation to fulfil commercial and creative goals in an appealing manner.

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Paper Industries

Multiple environmentally friendly solutions for restaurants, cafes, shops, and businesses specializing in packaging. Our products stand out for their high quality, manufactured according to quality standards and the latest technologies, with the possibility of custom printing according to market needs.

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Limitless options

All the packaging supplies you need        

Online Custom ordering

Custom printing orders in quick steps          

Wholesale prices

      Prices and discounts on products to suit your budget

Safe Shipping and Delivery

         For all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Accreditations and Certificates

Made in Saudi



ISO 9001


ISO 2200



Sustainability is considered a key component of the company's practices in order to establish a balance between economic growth, environmental preservation, and societal care, as well as contribute to raising employee understanding of its significance.

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Occupational Safety and Health

We strive to provide a safe working environment and to foster a health and safety culture among our employees. We prioritize health and safety by ensuring that our activities protect the safety and health of our employees, the environment, and the community. This is accomplished by giving continual training to our personnel at numerous levels in order to improve awareness and efficiency.

تعرف على المزيد 

78,000 million tons
Production capacity of cardboard annually
  13,500 million tons
Production capacity of paper industries annually

More than 43,161 prints
For various products of high quality
 More than 4730
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